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Jinjiang Dali Garment Weaving Co., Ltd. welcomes you.

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900 people

1995 year

Hire employees

Founded in

30000 sq.m.

The total area

180 million

Annual output value



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E-mail: sales@lsdali.com  /  haiyan@lsdali.com

ADD:Jin Yu Industrial District ShenHu JinJiang FuJian

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The apparel industry recovered in the first half of the year. Star network red led the market.
The garment industry is one of the traditional advantageous industries in China and is in an important position in the national economy. Since the reform and opening up, with the continuous improvemen
2018-11-07 14:35
Textile and garment industry urgently needs to release innovation and vitality to promote industrial transformation and upgradin
With the pace of reform and opening up, China's textile industry has achieved comprehensive and pioneering development. At present, the internal and external situation and the structural changes of th
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Focusing globally on the road to fashion transformation in the textile and apparel industry
On August 3, the press conference of the "2018 World Cloth Conference" was held in the Great Hall of the People. At the meeting, the 2018 World Cloth Conference on the theme of "open, technology, fash
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What changes have been brought to the apparel industry by small programs? Apparel applets have been developed into potential ent
The small program has matured more than a year since last year. More and more industries are aiming at the huge dividends brought by small programs, and they have developed their own small programs. C
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Clothing fashion: the impact of communication technology on fashion
The magazine was able to quickly spread the latest fashion trends around the world. In 1627, Paris founded the world's first magazine, "The Merry Messenger," which spreads the fashion of Paris and the
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The government pushes entrepreneurial projects. Men's underwear stores are favored by entrepreneurs.
On April 19th, more than 200 investments in the “Entrepreneurship Promotion Service Week” held by the Handan City Employment and Entrepreneurship Service Center were small, and the new entrepreneurial
2018-10-19 08:54
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